HEADSTONES - The possibilities are endless!
Headstones come in more sizes, shapes and colors than one can imagine. It can be almost over whelming,especially in time of great grief.

3 Easy Steps To Memorializing Your Loved One.

DESIGN - Call one of our staff members at Legacy and make an appointment to design your monument or marker. After you've selected your design we will take it from there.  It is helpful if you bring any photos you might want to use for custom personalization.  The will help move the process along without delay.

A proof & pricing will be created for your approval.  Standard proofs take up to 1 week and proofs with custom art take 2-4 week depending on how complex the art is (custom art goes to an artist for creation).

Pricing on standard monuments and markers can be done at time of design. Pricing on
custom size monuments and markers take 1-2 weeks as the pricing comes from the granite quarries many of which are overseas.

To make an appointment to design a headstone call: 651.491.4699

APPROVE - After the proof is created you will need to come in and approve the layout.
When the final proof is approved a 50% deposit is required to place the order with the granite company.

ORDER - Now it's time to order!  Legacy will place the order on your behalf with the granite company. 

Depending on whether you have selected US or Overseas manufactured stone
Delivery and installation will be 3-5 months after final proof is approved and deposit is made. Please note cemeteries are closed for headstone installation between the end of September and the end of March, this varies by cemetery and of course weather conditions.

Legacy will collect final payment after you marker or monument has been installed.

Single Monuments

Single Grass Markers
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