Legacy Funeral Home is happy to offer you our THWJ SUAB line of caskets. These caskets come in standard size and over size. Both of these dimensions are designed to fit properly into a standard outer burial vault and an oversize burial vault.

The THWJ SUAB line of caskets is made from Thwj Suab (Hinoki) wood. The wood has a natural aroma that is similar to a menthol smell. The wood is left in its original state (not kiln dried) so that it retains it's original moisture. This natural state is preferred by the Hmong people for a number of reasons; the moisture and the aroma is believed by the Hmong to help preserve the body and on a mystical level, the aroma is believed to help attract the spirit of the land to the spirit of the deceased.

All of these caskets are made in Laos from skilled craftsmen that have been making caskets for generations. Their skills are passed on from fathers to sons. They use all wood dowel and biskets when assembling the caskets. The hinges attaching the casket cover are made from wood also.  There are no metallic parts in the assembly of these caskets.

We offer Three types of Hmong Caskets:
  • Legacy:  Hinged caskets with a natural finish and beveled corners
  • Heritage:  Hinged caskets with a mahogany red finish and block corners
  • Tribute:  Hinged caskets with a clear finish and spiral corners

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